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"My daughter and I were in a panic when she needed navy volleyball spandex shorts as a requirement to start volleyball practice. Not only did you have the color we needed and the 2 inch inseam volleyball shorts my daughter loves, the shorts were on our doorstep in 2 days. I had no idea shopping would be so quick and easy. I did not have to fight the crowds and the price and quality are excellent. Thank you for such a great experience!" Michelle Oliver

"My recent shopping experience at America Is Making It was outstanding - both in terms of quality & price as well as customer service. I ordered spandex volleyball shorts and sports bras for my daughters club volleyball team. All the girls loved the fit and feel of the spandex. One girl on the team came up to me after practice and said her old club team had also ordered from America Is Making It and she raved about the comfort and value of their spandex shorts. We were very pleased with our purchase and the prompt delivery service." Mary Tinsley

"This company makes purchasing from the website very easy. The volleyball shorts are of good quality and I have used them for 6 years with my volleyball club. I think I have purchased 100-150 pair per year. Some of my players have been wearing the same pair they got 5 years ago. Thanks for the bargain!" Nancye Canter

"I have a 13 year old daughter who plays volleyball and she wanted comfortable spandex shorts. The material of the America Is Making It shorts is soft, stretchable and comfortable, according to my daughter. Ordering on the site was easy and delivery was fast. I will definitely reorder and will let my daughters school coach know of this company to place an order for the team." Carlya Montgomery

"I received my order earlier than expected and love the sports bras. It's hard to find a really good, quality fit so I'm stocking up. Keep up the good work - I appreciate it!" Vicki Runyan

To the thousands of coaches who make the well being and personal growth of each athlete their top priority, "THANK YOU" for making this world a better place one player at a time!

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